Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank you to Jody Seivert of One X One Companies

Jody Seivert of One X One Companies did a fantastic job of presenting BE Bold! Managing Challenging Conversations during our September networking event. Thank you Jody for giving us great information to think about as we conduct our day to day business.

Jody presented critical information about constructing conversations. Part of her presentation included a strategy she enjoys teaching called "Contrasting". The three critical pieces to this strategy are as follows:

1. Communicate understanding of the other person's desires or concerns.
2. Acknowledge the concerns but don't get hooked by them.
3. State what you don't want, what you are both committed to, and what you do want.

In using this formula, our conversations can be thoughtful and concise. Thank you Jody for such useful information, the role playing you encouraged and your "take home practice" exercise. I'm sure we all left with the feeling that difficult conversations can be attainable using your tips and strategies.

Stay tuned for more information about Jody Seivert and One x One Companies. We will be offering a full workshop featuring Jody in the coming months.

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